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Actor and Director Based in LA and Shanghai

Ella Rouwen Chen grew up in Shanghai and moved to LA when she was 18 to attend UCLA, School of Theater, Film and Television. Ever since being a little kid, Ella has enjoyed performance. Her favorite one definitely has been her Chinese folk dance performance in the walking lane of a moving tourist bus in front of her moms’ colleagues. However, it never occurred to Ella that she could “do performance” as a career until she spent three weeks at a theater and literature camp in America during her sophomore year summer. Before then, she was working diligently on her academics. She doesn’t regret her academic years though. She is grateful for all the journeys that life has given her.  She believes her way of thinking is formed uniquely because of her experience in both academics and arts; just like how her immersion in both China and America shapes her understanding of the world.

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